Impromptu Yujacha (유자차) recipe!


Right now I have two good reasons for making Yujacha: I caught a terrible cold and could really use a dose of anything citrus-y, and my best friend Ian’s birthday is coming up! (more specifically, I had only a few hours left to make a birthday gift!)

I remember that he really liked the yujacha of Frutly so I made an order inquiry but learned that they stopped operations a few months back. 😦 I have tasted their Yujacha once in a summer fair and have an idea of what the ingredients are. So here I am, keeping the Yujacha fire alive with this made-up recipe! XD


2 large citrons
3 lemons
1/4 kg muscovado
glass jar/bottle

1. Put on face mask, sanitize hands (or use gloves)
2. Scoop out all the citron and lemon pulp, put them all in a large bowl (not including the seeds)
3. Slice the citron rinds very very thinly, then add them to the bowl (disregard the lemon rind, the aftertaste is too bitter)
4. Mix in muscovado almost equal to the fruit volume
5. Mix all the fruit stuff with your hand, add in honey until the mixture feels like a marmalade / really thick fruit jam
6. Put inside a sealed glass jar and store in fridge


How to drink:
1. Get a glass of cold water or a cup of hot water
2. Mix in a few spoonfuls to taste
3. You can eat the rinds as you drink the tea 😀


Just one serving of yujacha. The relaxing aroma, unique taste, and whatever vitamin C reaction was occuring (or just a placebo effect) made me feel better. And I got positive feedback from Ian! Shot two birds with one stone. 😀


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