Author: Pamela S.

  • The Great Restructuring

    This is the start of my apology tour. Like how successful artists go from continent to continent to spread their music and influence, I’m slowly picking up on unfinished business and reaching out to the people whom I have long ignored due to a long bout of depression… and actively seeking to reclaim the golden […]

  • Goodbye GISHWHES

    I’ve always liked executing weird, uncharacteristic, crazy, creative acts with friends or other high-spirited people. I’ve been meaning to join GISHWHES (the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) for years… but unfortunately this year is the last chance to participate and I have to blow it off for a number of reasons […]

  • Work-Life Dream

    A few months ago, I was recommended by my manager and the actuarial division head to join the Advanced Analytics team. Up from the very first meeting with the program director of the said team, I strove to set myself apart — by doing research on data science online curricula and producing a self-paced training […]