Miracles (奇跡)

Getting out of an abusive “relationship”. Gathering enough courage to leave my toxic social environment behind and start anew. Transforming from an immature and pathetic INFP into an INTJ with great potential and a higher existence. Being able to forgive and start rebuilding a close friendship with someone who I once kicked out of myContinue reading “Miracles (奇跡)”

Pinoy Scientist’s first award!

It’s official, our radio show is now award-winning! * u * Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Custer and company, Pinoy Scientist bagged the title Best Science and Technology Radio Program at the prestigious 24th KBP Golden Dove Awards, along with the highly coveted shiny trophy that came with it. That afternoon, Dr. Custer instructedContinue reading “Pinoy Scientist’s first award!”