A めんどくさい review of my high school life

Caveat: I shall do my best to leave out drama since I want this to be a semi-professional blog. But since half of that stage had caused quite an emotional stir, at the very least the dramatic part deserves a TL;DR version:

  • I entered high school feeling generally optimistic and friendly
  • I had fun with classmates and did well in my courses
  • I met a guy who gave me a taste of romance
  • Guy turned out to be a jerk then all kinds of violence happened
  • Rumors circulated, my reputation was ruined
  • My academic focus worsened, I lost my self-esteem
  • One of my childhood best friends accused me of undermining her and then kicked me out of her life
  • I survived

Because of that, by the time I was almost done with senior year all I wanted was to get out of that god-forsaken place and hide from the community. It’s kinda sad that I was probably the most excited one to graduate but for the wrong reason. Nevertheless, the negative aspects of my high school life were exclusive to me, and are by no means a generalization of the Pisay experience (I know for a fact that the other students loved theirs). Fortunately there were silver linings that made the experience worth it for me as well:

  • I enjoyed being involved in clubs that promote social science, robotics, and astronomy
  • I hold a special place in the hearts of my favorite teachers
  • I met a few lovely people who eventually turned into life friends
  • I got used to living independently
  • I got drafted into the math training pool and represented my section/school in math contests
  • My college admission exam scores were in the 99th percentile for all tests and I passed the advanced placement exam for my degree program without having to study much
  • I breezed through the first two years of college because most of the courses were already taken up in the last two years of high school
  • I got used to being in a stressful environment
  • My interest in science and technology research grew (which I plan to cultivate in the near future)


UPDATE (12/23/15): After listening to my mentor’s stories about his Pisay experience, rewatching Pisay the Movie after 8.5 years, and reflecting a lot lately, I finally found the courage to forgive. I hold no more hard feelings against the people responsible for the bitter memories, my naive past self included. I’ve recently started passively reconnecting with the community I used to avoid for years, and look forward to attending an alumni homecoming even if I’ve always thought never. 🙂


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