Cosplay: Sankarea

Nina wanted to cosplay as Menma, the ghost child from the anime series AnoHana, so I decided to go as a zombie girl for a supernatural photoshoot. 😀


This is Rea, from Sankarea. She might not look like a zombie ’cause she retained her beauty, mobility, and free will after death, but she is! She has red eyes and eats hydrangea leaves to counter the effects of rigor mortis.



We held the shoot at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. David and kuya Hell served as our trusty cameramen and baggage carriers, haha. The place was bustling with people on this fine cloudy day. I was actually hoping for some sun to have a better lighting, but with a few contrast adjustments it turned out okay.



Good thing David could come even if he was a bit sick. We headed to Ramen X to let them have a taste of my favorite ramen afterwards. Nina wanted to continue the photoshoot there, but I dislike having my photo taken while eating (either too unflattering or unnatural -__-).


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