A めんどくさい review of Rounders

            The movie was enjoyable for me because I generally like plots that involve strategies. I appreciated that the film was able to explain the basics of Holdem even to people with limited knowledge of the game, though the mechanics of other variations of Poker weren’t given much focus (apologies to my game theory professor,Continue reading “A めんどくさい review of Rounders”

Cosplay: Umaru (half-baked himouto)

Umaru Doma is a teen who has a reputation for being perfect on the outside world but is actually spoiled rotten at home, with her pet/manservant brother always reluctantly cleaning up after her. All she does at home is laze around, eat junk food (without ever ruining her figure), and play video games. Basically, myContinue reading “Cosplay: Umaru (half-baked himouto)”