Cosplay: Umaru (half-baked himouto)

Umaru Doma is a teen who has a reputation for being perfect on the outside world but is actually spoiled rotten at home, with her pet/manservant brother always reluctantly cleaning up after her. All she does at home is laze around, eat junk food (without ever ruining her figure), and play video games. Basically, my ideal teenage life! XD

In the series title, Himouto!! Umaru-chan, Himouto is a wordplay between himono-onna (a young woman who doesn’t care about her manly behavior/indoor appearance and has given up on relationships) and imouto (younger sister). Sounds familiar?

Costume is still half-baked ’cause I don’t have the right wig yet and can’t do a decent photoshoot. :3 Nina also wants to do this character, so we agreed to share her.

She’s cute and perfect and all, but the most appealing aspect of Umaru to me is her high level of gaming skill. She is undoubtedly one of the best gamers in the anime universe. So I was more excited to put together the outfit (complete with the hat and bag) of her gaming persona, UMR.

himouto 0401

An arcade photoshoot would be great! I haven’t had the opportunity to arrange it yet, the photographers I know are so busy. But I did get to wear it for my friend Nathan’s birthday (too embarrassed to wear the hat though XD).


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