Working smarter



On an ordinary day when I have to go through a personal to-do list, I tend to do the mindless work first in the belief that productivity with small things will snowball into productivity with bigger things. Taking a course on working smart presented me with the idea that this isn’t the optimal way to act. These mindless tasks are referred to as “unproductive work”. It seemed counterintuitive at first because how can work be unproductive? But it merely suggests a shift to a more efficient working system. Unproductive work is a category of tasks which aren’t essential or related to your main goals. I realized that I should tackle on the biggest and most important/urgent tasks first while these resources are at their maximum. Once they’re at their lowest and I would need to mentally slow down, that’s a better time to do the mindless tasks. By adopting a perspective that emphasizes priority, I have become more meticulous with how I manage my time, focus, willpower, and energy (especially mental energy. with the growing list of challenging items on my checklist, it’s the most precious attribute to me right now). The other main takeaway from this course is the importance of self-imposed discipline. This should be obvious: without it, it’s hard to see plans through to the end and the inner resources are wasted instead of invested into things that serve a greater purpose.

Let’s work more efficiently towards our goals this year! 🙂


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