Meeting the hosts


It was my first time to be in the set of the Pinoy Scientist program (Sundays 5-6pm, Radyo Agila DZEC 1062) last week, which was when I finally met Dr. Custer Deocaris, the main host, famous in the Philippine scientific community for being actively involved in numerous projects and having a really high H-index. From what I have observed and heard, he is usually overflowing with ideas and has enough drive to make them happen (he is dubbed by my mentor as the “ultimate nerd” :D). I recognized in him the same symptoms of mania that I manifest, but his are well-managed and contagious and that amazes me. I shall strive to be as enthusiastic about my life projects as well. 🙂

Dr. Custer, Dr. David, and Dr. Heidi (the guest speaker on my first day)
Today I met Dr. JD Agapito, a biologist who happens to be the spouse of one of my favorite professors in my institute. Her special Tulaan Segment, wherein she gives a teaser of the two topics and what relates them and introduces the guest speakers in poetic form given life by her sweet lyrical voice, is one of the things that make their show unique. She often recounts how she feels rushed with her poetry writing, and it’s amazing how she can put together something good despite that (even her facebook posts rhyme!). Unlike the other hosts (and very much like me), she prefers to follow a structured flow during interviews and in project implementation, which is a cause of stress for her sometimes. She made quite an impression to me by being an avid birthday collector, even giving me a “birthday cake” as a token of our acquaintance.
EDIT: One of Dr. JD’s poems
What I like about their program, and what inspired me to volunteer for them in the first place, is their mission to promote the importance of science and technology and relevant issues among the youth and non-sciencey folk. Aside from my frustrations brought about by not getting to pursue a more scientific degree, the main career path that I plan to take terribly lacks a public service component, so I want to subvert that fact. I appreciate that this program provides avenues to take further the interests of the guest speakers by helping them collaborate with a large scientific network. I personally benefit from this commitment by annihilating the usual dysfunctionality out of my Sundays and getting to spend some quality time with Dr. David (the other host, my mentor and crazy teacher in dark glasses). I’m currently on hotline and moral-support duty since there’s nothing much for me to do yet, but once they implement their upcoming projects maybe I’ll be able to contribute more to their cause. Definitely something to look forward to. 😀



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