First post-college goal

Get accepted into my target company’s actuarial division:

I didn’t want to post about this earlier because I was afraid to jinx it, but now that it has been confirmed by the division head, I’ll allow my pessimistic self to let my guard down and feel proud for once. 😀

Why is Manulife DS my first choice? First, I’m aware that it won’t take as much mental/emotional energy for me to adjust to the workplace and the culture since I’ve undergone a certain degree of immersion during my internship days, compared to starting from scratch with a new company. Back then I had already constructed a system in my mind on how to live optimally under those conditions (subject to modification, since I have recently revised my life plan). Secondly, northbound travel time is generally shorter in the morning (mainly why I’m reluctant to consider companies in Makati). I’m also considering to move somewhere nearer to my workplace to minimize it. And lastly, it is conveniently located close to my university! This is important since most applied math courses I plan to take are offered only during weekdays. TL;DR: I’m generally risk-averse when it comes to spending my resources. XD

This calls for a mental celebration! 😀 (and a lot of pre-employment documents to process T__T)


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