Dinners with PSG

At last, the Pinoy Siyentista Group was able to hold a successful meeting, thanks to Dr. JD’s insistence and the tempting promise of free food (JK. but Dr. JD really made the effort to prepare a feast for us, and everything was delish). It was of utmost importance since we’ve been really uncoordinated as a group lately, unable to carry out some of the projects that were planned for the election season.

I’m impressed that the meeting turned out to be more organized. Of course, a lot of new projects were brought up, but this time Dr. Custer took down notes on the implementation brainstorming (I recorded the proceedings on my phone just in case). Our individual roles were given definition:

External affairs: Dr. Custer
General manager: Dr. JD
Business & promotion: Dr. David (though I’m pretty sure he’ll delegate some of his tasks to me)
Website: me (ugh, I can’t wait to have a “Dr.” title XD )

Concrete strategies to make the show flourish and win more mass media awards were discussed. And Dr. Custer, being an out-of-this-world thinker, proposed a few ideas exactly of that nature (secret, for the time being XD ).

It’s amusing how my academic “barkada” of 40+ year olds seem to be far more passionate about life than me, whose youth elicits a tinge of envy among them XD but their drive is, as always, amazingly inspirational. 😀



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