A valuable piece of advice from one of my indirect mentors:


It came to mind this morning, when I finally decided to face my long-standing problem at work: uncharted GGY AXIS territory. I was so intimidated at first by using processes that I’ve never used before but have to figure out on my own, but I finally made huge progress today. I realized that sometimes my main time-waster is that I’m scared to do something just because I don’t know how it works yet. Same goes for studying for a major actuarial exam. You just have to take the plunge, dammit! Should’ve done so sooner.


2 responses to “Insecurity”

  1. Hey, I love that tip. 🙂 I’ve been having feelings of insecurity at work lately, and I really want to do something about them.

    I also don’t think I’m 100% “doing” anything either so… yeah gotta confront whatever’s stopping me and actually DO.

    I like your blog btw. That priorities 2016-2020 chart is something I may also find useful.

    Also just realized you got a domain hehe 😀

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