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  • A めんどくさい review of how people have helped me in life

    I’ve waited so long to be able to write my acknowledgments page for my thesis without the worry of jinxing myself somehow, haha. I had to make it as succinct as possible on the paper so here is a less formal and emotion-laden version (that the people it is dedicated to are probably never going […]

  • “As you begin your journey to rule the world, never forget that I’ll be waiting. Well start from the beginning, then home we’ll go. Be ready, be strong and hold on to what you got. One day it’ll all come full circle like a boomerang and we’ll join hands to sing it all away. When […]

  • Thesis it!

    I just passed my final submissions. Oh my god I can’t believe it. After one fruitless and one productive semester and 5 thesis topic revisions, I’m finally going to graduate! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA I’m honestly not used to the idea. My very last semester in college is about to end, and there’s something inside me that yearns […]