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  • Indirect Mentors

    I often wish I had someone to give me solid guidance throughout the intricate process of growing up. I’m grateful that my parents provide me with the necessities of life while I still can’t, but I’m not close enough with them to be able to pour out my heart. I don’t have any older brothers/sisters […]

  • A めんどくさい review of how people have helped me in life

    I’ve waited so long to be able to write my acknowledgments page for my thesis without the worry of jinxing myself somehow, haha. I had to make it as succinct as possible on the paper so here is a less formal and emotion-laden version (that the people it is dedicated to are probably never going […]

  • No game, no life.

    As fate would have it, the story of my life can be told by chronicling my relationship with games and strategy. Age 7: My dad bought a book of classic board games, and I played against my family to the point of mastery. I associated games on a regular deck of cards with gambling, which […]