Cosplay: Dead Master

It’s been a long while since I last worked on a cosplay project.  My newfound friend Nina, who is quite passionate with this hobby, asked me to be her long-time cosplay partner. Her incredible optimism amazes me, so I agreed in the hopes of strengthening our friendship. We went to the annual Best of Anime convention together as the two main characters from Black Rock Shooter.


For 2 months I worked on securing the wig, cloth, and materials for the skull, chains, horns, wings, and crafted the scythe with the help of my friend David. The black dress made by my trusted couturierre in Marikina looks great. It was my first time to wear colored non-graded contacts.


I had to cram the costume on afternoons and weekends since I had to focus on schoolwork, which was a bad thing since my perfectionist tendencies insist on creating a high quality, and that caused me a great deal of stress. In the convention, I was so self-conscious because I thought the audience would notice all the imperfections in my appearance. I was so surprised when they complimented me and took countless photos with us.


I guess I should learn to be gentler on myself.


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