Cosplay: Mio Akiyama (Maid ver.)


Mio Akiyama from K-On!, everyone! I had no concept art for this, but it was what I was gunning for. All I had in my mind was:


Playing maid isn’t my thing (I’d rather have someone else play maid for me, haha), but since Nina wanted to dress up as the main girl (?) from Kaichou wa maid sama, this is the easiest route for me. XD


I was in charge of the logistics this time. I hired a photographer friend with whom I got acquainted last summer over Rubik’s cubes, and had the cafe of my favorite hotel with an introverted vibe reserved (for free!).


The perfectionist in me was a bit bothered by the inaccuracy of the costume (no contact lenses either), but it’s the only maid costume I could get my hands on on such short notice, so no time to be choosy. Close enough!

And of course, we brought our dear friends Joey and David to help us with the shoot (and be our masters on-cam, lol

And the best part: turning against our master! XD


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